Our mission

At Veardeat, we believe that what you save, saves you back. By going green and making making environmentally friendly choices, we have the power to influence. We do not wish to take a radical stance or to moralise. What we do want is to enable a  positive individual action to take care of your own  well-being  and  that of our planet.

To us at Verdeat, human well-being means healthy nutritious food that is produced with minimal harm to the environment. In large scale cultivation, the planet is exploited to maximise production through water overuse, pesticide use and plastic packaging. Producing too much food, in turn, results in food waste, soil infertility and deforestation.

In developing Verdeat we wanted to to make a small contribution to reverse negative trends. With Verdeat, each of us can make a positive impact by growing our own food in order to stay healthy and less affected by climate change.