Arugula – perfectly healthy!


Arugula or rocket comes from the Mediterranean region. It is famous for its original taste, but there is more to arugula than just the taste. Health benefits make arugula perfect for including it in the daily menu.

Guardian of your immune system

In the autumn and winter, we pay special attention to our immune system trying to strengthen it. In order to do this, we turn to healthy, wholesome meals and supplements rich in vitamins. Rocket is a great plant to include in a daily diet as it is a rich source of vitamins that stimulate the immune system, have antiviral and antitoxic properties.

A great addition to your diet!

With the new year coming, many of us make resolutions to build healthier eating habits. We often look for ways to prepare easily digestible dishes. Rocket is our ally in the diet, it is low in calories, so we can add it to meals or make salads based on it. Additionally, thanks to the dietary fiber content, the feeling of satiety is maintained for a long time, which helps to eliminate the craving for snacks between meals.

Arugula is rich in many important nutrients, including:

• Calcium – contributes to proper blood clotting. It is also essential for the health of bones, teeth, muscles and nerves.
• Potassium – a mineral and electrolyte that is essential for the heart and nervous system.
• Folic acid – also known as vitamin B9. It is especially important for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Its deficiency may lead to neural tube defects in a child.
• Vitamin C – A powerful antioxidant that supports the immune system. Also known as ascorbic acid, it is important for tissue health and the absorption of iron from food.
• Vitamin K – helps in the blood clotting process.
• Vitamin A – is a powerful antioxidant that supports immune function, cell growth and overall eye health. It also helps maintain the function of the kidneys, lungs and heart.

Focus on the green!

Arugula is an easily digestible plant rich in nutrients. It gives a distinctive flavor and color to even the simplest dishes. Unlike many other lettuces with a subtle flavor, arugula has a very distinctive and slightly peppery taste. Crunchy arugula adds charm to salads and other dishes. Its sharpness goes well with meats, cheeses, cold cuts, but it also contrasts well with sweet fruit such as pears or raspberries. You can also make delicious pesto with it. It is a perfect base for healthy vegetable and fruit cocktails.

Try out this recipe: Beetroot carpaccio with arugula

• Beetroot 220 g – 2 pieces
• Mint 5 g – a few leaves
• Olive oil 10 g – 1 tbsp
• Red pepper 60 g – 1/2 small piece
• Freshly ground black pepper – a pinch
• Arugula 50 g – 1 handful
• Feta cheese 45 g – 3 slices
• Lemon juice 5 g – 1 teaspoon
• Salt – a pinch

1. Thoroughly wash the beets, dry them and wrap them individually in aluminum foil.
2. Bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 40 minutes.
3. Cool, peel and cut into thin slices on a slicer.
4. Arrange a handful of rocket in the center of the plate, and arrange the beetroot slices around it.
5. Place finely diced paprika and crushed feta cheese on the lettuce.
6. Mix the lemon juice well with olive oil, salt and finely chopped mint leaves.
7. Pour over the salad and sprinkle with freshly ground pepper.

Try out this recipe: Salad with mozzarella, arugula and croutons

• Red onion 50 g – 1 small piece
• Wholemeal rye bread 60 g – 2 slices
• Honey 10 g – 1 teaspoon
• Mustard 5 g – 1 teaspoon
• Cucumber 50 g – 1 small piece
• Universal rapeseed oil 5 g – 1 teaspoon
• Cherry tomato 100 g – a handful
• Arugula 50 g – portion
• Spicy mix (BL) 50 g – portion
• Mozzarella cheese, semi-fat 60 g – 1/2 piece

1. Wash the spicy mixture and rocket, put them in a large bowl.
2. Cut the tomatoes into halves.
3. Peel the cucumber and cut it into thick cubes.
4. Cut the onion and mozzarella into slices.
5. Dice the bread and bake it in the oven until croutons are formed.
6. Add everything to the lettuce.
7. Pour oil, a little water into a glass and add honey and mustard.
8. Stir until ingredients are well combined. Pour the sauce over the lettuce.
9. Stir, set aside for 10 minutes.


Rocket is a vitamin bomb that supports our health. It can also trigger our creativity in cooking, as we can add it to a lot of dishes.

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