Verdeat has been developed to help us to contribute to the ecosystem and eat healthier while saving money and resources.



home gardening


• autonomous gardening system controlled through the Verdeat app
• LED lamps covering 95% of the natural light spectrum
• modular tray system providing plenty of flexibility in plant species choices
• optimal conditions to grow plants 365 days a year!

Modular tray system

Choose trays that fit your needs. You can harvest your crops in periodicity depending on a tray.

Seeds tray

Fits 19 seed pods. Grow time between 3-4 weeks.

Microgreens tray

Fits 4 microgreens pads. Grow time between 7-10 days.

Pot tray

Harvest at day one! Fits 5 standard pots. Allows you to take care of plants like herbs or flowers from the grocery store.

76 greens, 100% organic
Delicious greens straight from your living room. Grow up to 76 different plants (vegetables, greens, herbs and even flowers) that are 100% organic and pesticide-free. Our system helps to grow your own food 40% faster than using soil cultivation.
40 % faster than using soil cultivation
Autonomus indoor gardening
It is almost entirely mainenance-free: all you need to do is add water and required nutrient once every 1-3 weeks. The mobile app will guide you to take care of your plants from wherever you are.
Healthy benefit
Mood-boosting sun-like light and better air quality
Verdeat is a natural air ionizer. Combination of plants and near-natural light source have a therapeutic effect.
Go green with us!
Enviroment friendly
Verdeat uses 90% less water than regular soil-based cultivation. No pesticides or fertilizers is used during the growth. You eat the amount you wish to eat so you don`t produce plastic waste – you can produce even 8kg (18lb) less plastic waste per year (with Verdeat L).
90 % less water than in regular soil-based cultivation
Pick your favorite

Choose Verdeat

according to your needs

There are three variations of Verdeat systems. You can find the right size for any space.

How does it work?

Choose trays that fit your needs. You can harvest your crops in periodicity depending on a tray.

1. Fill the main tank

Fill the main tank (placed in the base) with water.


2. Add nutrients

Add a few drops of vegan plant nutrients (included).


3. Start the app

Start the app and watch your plants grow.


App functionality

Our app will take care of your plants. Schedule for LED lighting and watering helps to achieve the maximum growth and optimal water usage. Advanced notifications will be sent to ensure nutrients or main water tank is refilled.

On/off schedule


Water spill alarm

(only in model M and L)


Water pump control


Water level indicator


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