Improve the condition of your hair with plants


Plants can be a beautiful decoration for our homes, gardens, or city parks. They can also be used for culinary purposes to give the dishes a unique flavor and aroma. Many of them have also been used for medical purposes for many years in cases of problems with sleep, digestion, or skin changes. Plants can also be used in cosmetics to improve the condition of the hair.


Excessive hair loss, dryness, or hair getting greasy too quickly are just some of the problems we struggle with. When looking at the ingredients of cosmetics or dietary supplements to improve the condition of the hair, we can see that many of them contain ingredients of plant origin. This is because the compounds found in plants can have a positive effect on the condition of the hair. What’s more, some of them are also used for natural, delicate coloring. Take chamomile for example, which has been continuously popular among fair-haired ladies for many years.


Cosmetic properties

The plants that are most often used to improve the condition of our hair are described below. It is not without reason that we can often find them in the composition of hair care cosmetics and dietary supplements


Nettle extract is very often found in herbal lotions and hair shampoos. Nettle is used in cosmetics to care for hair that tends to be greasy quickly. There are substances in the nettle leaves that have anti-inflammatory properties and regulate the work of the sebaceous glands. Moreover, nettle improves blood circulation in the scalp. That is why we often find it in lotions, which are supposed to accelerate hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss.


Fenugreek is also called God’s grass or Greek clover. In addition to the fact that it exhibits a number of healing properties (used digestive ailments), it has a very beneficial effect on the condition of the hair and skin. Fenugreek prevents excessive hair loss and stimulates its growth. Therefore, similarly to nettle, it is used in the production of hair scrubs. People who struggle with dandruff can also benefit from its valuable properties.

Field horsetail

The field horsetail has become very popular when it comes to plants that improve the condition of the hair. Silicon is primarily responsible for its valuable properties. Interestingly, this ingredient not only strengthens our hair but can also delay the graying process. In addition, field horsetail has remineralizing and regenerating properties.


Bamboo, as horsetail is a source of silicon. Therefore, the extract of bamboo is used to accelerate hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss. What’s more, the ingredients found in bamboo protect our hair from the harmful effects of free radicals.


The properties of chamomile are valued mainly by fair-haired ladies. Rinses based on it lighten the hair by several tones in a natural, non-invasive way. In addition, chamomile-based products are recommended for people struggling with sensitive scalp prone to irritation. Chamomile contains bisabolol, a substance that reduces itching and flaking, it also soothes skin irritations.


Lavender is known primarily for its aesthetic qualities, as well as the unique aroma that it spreads around itself. However, as it turns out, lavender oil can also improve the condition of your hair. It will work especially for people who are struggling with dandruff and excessive hair loss.

Interesting facts

The most famous nettle-based products are tea and juice. If we want to use nettle externally, we can also prepare a homemade hair rinse. An interesting fact, however, is that nettle can be not only a valuable ingredient in tea, juice or rinse. Nettle leaves can also be added to sauces and salads! On the basis of nettle, we can also prepare a soup with an interesting, slightly sour taste. Some people fear nettle because of its stinging properties. It is worth knowing that they disappear after pouring boiling water over the leaves!



The valuable properties of plants have been used for many years both in medicine and for cosmetic purposes. It can be stated that nowadays natural care is experiencing a renaissance. The awareness of the valuable properties of plants means that more and more people choose products with a natural composition. What’s more, people who have more time very often prepare various types of rinses or masks for hair care. If we want to improve the condition of our hair, it is worth paying attention to nettle, field horsetail, bamboo, chamomile, or lavender.


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