Make 2021 healthier with a natural Verdeat support


New Year's resolutions often end with the end of January. At Verdeat, we encourage you to take small steps to change your lifestyle into a healthier and more environmentally friendly one. It is worthwhile to analyze your daily habits and then make small changes that will have positive health effects.

How to start eating healthier?

If you want to stay healthy and take care of your well-being in the New Year, do not start with a drastic diet that you will most likely abandon after a week. Instead of taking radical steps, start by having more vegetables and fruit in your daily diet. You will naturally feel more energetic and happier. Try to create a healthy habit by starting with a fruit and vegetable smoothie each day. Remember that changing your eating habits is a process that takes place over time, so be patient.

Sample Green Smoothie recipe:

Pear – 120 g – piece
Almonds (flakes) 16 g – 1 tbsp
Soy milk 220 g – 1 cup
Cucumber 50 g – 1 small piece
Linseed oil 5 g – 1 tsp
Spinach 100 g – 4 handfuls

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

A few simple ways to improve your health

1. Eat colorfully
Go for vegetables and fruit in your diet. Colorful plants contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals that nourish and strengthen the body.
In addition, they are full of antioxidants and phytochemicals to support the appearance of skin, hair, and nails. The more colors there are on your plate, the greater the variety of nutrients. The simplest form of serving are cocktails and salads.

2. Read labels, buy from a reliable source
Reading labels is very important if we want to eat healthier and give our body the best quality fuel. The habit of checking the ingredients effectively reduces the amount of sugar, salt, and many unnecessary ingredients that are added to products that we find on store shelves. The shorter the list of ingredients, the more natural the product is. The nutritional quality of the foods in your daily diet is essential to your well-being. Try to use organic products from a reliable source. You can create your own garden at home. Check our offer and find out more.

3. Prepare your own meals
When preparing meals at home, we decide what to include. No additional fat, unnecessary salt, sugar, and flavor enhancers. Choose fresh herbs and natural spices, which have a lot of antioxidants. They will have a positive effect on your look and well-being. You can invite nature indoors without leaving your home. Just design your own garden with Verdeat.

4. Include green smoothies in your diet
One of the best ways to provide your body with the necessary fuel is to drink a green smoothie. Cocktails do not burden the digestive system, provide a huge portion of vitamins and nutrients, and are full of fiber. Their preparation takes only a few minutes.

5. Don’t be afraid of new flavors
Discover new products, spices, say goodbye to monotony in the kitchen! Try new recipes and discover other cuisines of the world. Culinary travel is a real adventure that you can enjoy without leaving your home.


A few simple changes implemented daily can have a huge impact on our health, quality of life, and the environment in which we live. Happy New Year and only fulfilled resolutions!

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