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Would you like to eat fresh throughout the year?

Know what you eat

It's time for healthy food. No pesticides. No GMO.

Home-grown strawberries in winter? Yum! Healthy and safe fruit, herbs, vegetables and more - from your living room straight to your plate!

Discover your curiosity for nature

your own fresh healthy


months a year


varieties of leafy greens and herbs


days of automated cultivation


day growth period on average and high repeatability


carbon footprint, eco-friendly

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Simple and easy planet-friendly app-controlled reduced water and energy usage


Enjoy the simplicity

With Verdeat your home will flourish with freshness, health and joy

Always at hand

All year round

Green Kale


Green lettuce





Kale scarlet

Pak choi




Italian Mix

Mild Mix

Spicy Mix


Kapusta chińska (pak choi)

Jarmuż czerwony



Jarmuż zielony

Mieszanka włoska

Mieszanka łagodna




turn on, plant, water, illuminate, forget and then harvest


Control from anywhere

Autonomous system allows you to care for your favorite plants through an app

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Get inspired

Verdeat becomes your family companion

Indoor garden fits perfectly in the decor of your living room, kitchen or office. The presence of plants and magical light improve the atmosphere of any interior.

Verdeat Home Garden

Happy Verdeat owners

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The Verdeat system looks absolutely gorgeous!

January 4, 2021

The Verdeat system looks absolutely gorgeous! It's a real eyecatcher. Of all the indoor garden systems available, I think this one is aesthetically the most pleasing. I have to admit that in my personal search for an indoor garden system, the aesthetics defininately played a part. I have the Verdeat for a few weeks now. My lettuce and basil are doing great. Last week my pots arrived, so this week I also planted seeds and a few strawberry plants in the pots. Looks like the cucumber and tomato plants are the fastest to show signs of life! And the strawberry plants seem to be happy in their new environment. First thing I do in the morning, is check on the plants and it's also the first thing I do when I get home. Watching the plants grow is very satisfying! I love the versatility of the system. There are Seed trays with small holes. You can put a 'plug' of growing medium in the hole, put seeds in it and watch it grow. Besides the Seed tray there are also trays to grow microgreens or to place a small pot in so you can either transfer a bought plant or plant seeds of plants that require a bit more room. I don't think the microgreens tray will be used a lot, purely because I love the Seed and Pot trays so much!  

Verdeat L


I love it!

January 4, 2021

After 7 days of growing, I am already harvesting like crazy - all MGs are perfect and even the pak choi seeds are close for harvest. Chives and basil are slow, but really looking great. Overall I love my Verdeat and can easily recommend that. I tuned my ph and nutrition values a bit. I have so much fun and taking 4 pictures every day to show how fast the process is. The kids of my friends come daily to watch the progress.  

Verdeat L


I also have the Verdeat L and I am very happy with it.

January 4, 2021

I also have the Verdeat L and I am very happy with it. I have little gem lettuce growing (delicious!). My basil is starting to pick up. I have several herbs developing in the pods. I planted seeds in the pots: cucumber, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, and jalapeno peppers. They are doing very well. Especially the cucumber! All seeds germinated so I think I have to remove a few seedlings. In another tray of pots, I have strawberry plants that I picked up from a local grower and specialist in strawberries. They are also doing really well and I think there are already a few strawberries developing! The looks of the system and its versatility are what made me interested in the system. Now that I have it I can see that it also adds a level of elegance to my kitchen. Plus it's fun to check on my baby plants each day. Creating a system yourself is the cheapest way but I would not want it in my kitchen or living room.

Verdeat L


Verdeat vs. plants from the store


Find what matters

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Why Verdeat



No pesticides. No artificial fertilizers. No unnecessary plastic packaging. Reduced food waste.


Verdeat reguires little support. You only need to add a cap of nutrients every week and exchange water every two weeks. That's it.

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Verdeat improves the quality of air. Add a combination of green plants and healthy light and you get a therapeutic, mood-enhancing effect in any room Verdeat is placed in.


Verdeat improves the quality of air. Add a combination of green plants and healthy light and you get a therapeutic, mood-enhancing effect in any room Verdeat is placed in.